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Lavisa Infrastructure Limited is a company limited by shares which is incorporated in 14th July 2006 under Companies Act 1956, with CIN NO. U45202KA5006PLC309966 having Registered office at No7, Sanjay Nagar, Bangalore 560 020. THe main objects of the Company are Construction, Developemnt & Maintenance of Integgrated Townships, Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Project.

Lavisa” is strongly positioned since two decades in the Reality & Infrastructure sector along with Retail and Hospitality. Pioneer bringing quality and affordable housing to all strata of society, Adding great value to the tune of 400% - 1000% in a decade’s through quality practices and futuristic vision for growth. Today along with Core Business diversified into Petroleum Retail, software and Health care. Across South, East & West Hindustan and Nepal.

The Lavisa, with core values of punctuality, quality, reliability & speed with transparency, has completed many projects during the last decade ranging from 25 to 265 acres with diverse concepts.

We promote with affordable method of acquiring space. Lavisa strongly support “don’t borrow and buy” but “save and buy”. We have ability to understand how city grows and catch the opportunity and extend our boundaries and future development around the growing part of city.

What could have been just a passing thought in the minds of many, to work at world class work place with the advance infrastructure support. Has now been given shape by a professional team Lavisa.
Lavisa Infrastructure Limited

Mr. S.K Sinha and Mr. Girijashankar B.L., two highly qualified and vastly experienced professionals in engineering. Ventured on a mission to provide world-class living at the least possible cost. They joined hands in 1993, armed with a talented and dedicated team of professionals established themselves as Lakvinsar & Associates.

Soon Lakvinsar became one of the leading property developers in the leading property developers in Karnataka gaining respect widely for its ability of commitment. This progress has now shaped into Lavisa Infrastructure Limited, which is also a proud owner of an ISO Certificate now.

Within a span fifteen years, Lavisa has delivered what it set out to do and has earned the confidence of its employees and accolades from its customers.

Lavisa believes in the business mantra “ Value For Money”. It is one of the first companies in India to offer developed land with maximum are at low rates. Lavisa today offers each customer punctuality, quality, reliability, speed, and transparency.

- Realty
The unique pursuit of looking at the exceptional potential of the suburbs as great hubs of an expanding city is where the Lavisa touch resides. The promoters confidence in the pursuit has been rewarded constantly & consistently by the by the ever expanding mass of customers. This success in Bangalore and around in the southern states has now being implemented across the leading cities in the country and also the medium sized cities. This gives the investors the ability to enter into an area of manifold appreciation of their investments. It makes it secure and profitable.
A step in to the booming retail sector by Lavisa is to offer honesty on a platter to every customer. The quality of products showcased is superlative and the attractive prices are to make every consumer feel the shop as his own. With this uncompromising approach the leadership in retail bastion is going the Lavisa way.
The aspiration to provide the most exclusive comfort led Lavisa to explore its inherent strength in the hospitality segment. The successful foray has redefined the art of comfort and accessibility of diverse facilities. Our resort, Hotels & Service Apartment have an atmosphere laced with wide open spaces and gentle architecture that has given way to a very clean and green outlook. This is coupled with most moderm amenities.
+ Vision
To enable greater value for one and all, Lavisa Believes in the business mantra “ Value For Money ”. It is one of the first companies in india to offer developed land with maximum area at low rates.
+ Mission
To professionally ensure the deliver all – around satisfaction that is immeasurable to each customer and to each member of their family. The value of a habitable plot of land in outskirts of urban cities of India like Bangalore will increase by 2000 - 3000% in the next twenty years . Recreating the old & new-world luxury that Bangloreans can rejoice in, is the hallmark of this development.